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Smart Tags & Pop-ups

If you are using the new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.6.0), you can thank Microsoft for creating the technology (i.e. smart tags) that allows the same annoying popup ads to continually appear no matter where your Internet travels take you.

You can also thank your ISP for those annoying popup ads, if you use an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that uses a customized version of Microsoft Internet Explorer! For example, The Excite@Home network and AOL network have customized versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you no longer use either of these networks, you may still have the files on your computer which customize your experience of the Internet. Unfortunately, some of these files are not removed when you upgrade your browser directly from Microsoft.

Old users of the @Home network have a folder entitled:   Network Essentials. If you do not remove this file from your hard-drive, you will continue to get their popup ads while surfing the Internet!

I cannot offer advice regarding AOL because I have never been a user of their network. I have, however, received complaints from some AOL users about this identical problem of annoying pop-up ads from particular web sites. (See blacklist below.)

If you download any free software, BEWARE! Many freeware includes the technology for including pop-up ads!, which offers a freeware for saving and organizing passwords on computers, has apparently joined the ranks of web sites using Microsoft's new technology for inserting ads onto web pages. Installing such "freeware" onto your computer, will make you vulnerable to pop-ups for casinos and a variety of other advertisers. (See blacklist below.)

The Smart Tags technology in Microsoft Internet Explorer v.6.0 has caused a nightmare for webmasters of small business web sites. A Meta Tag must now be added to prevent parsing of web pages by webmasters of questionable taste and integrity. These cyber-pirates basically try to steal web traffic from popular web sites by placing annoying links and pop-up ads onto those web pages that are not protected by the Meta Tag.

Suggested Reading:

What Pops Up Must Come Down is an article about pop-up ads. has also provided info to their users regarding pop-ups which do not originate from them!

Real Life Internet Evil:  Microsoft's Smart Tags!

Here is a blacklist of some of the web sites which have been pirating ad space via customized versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer: is an affiliate program for exit popup ads. seems to be serving these ads, but, you won't be able to visit their web site since it is not accessible to the general public! appears to be the same company as, but, it is accessible online! Their e-mail address did not work when I attempted to send e-mail to them.

Pop-up ads are a web surfer's constant source of annoyance while visiting web sites! Fight back! Never click on links in pop-up ads!

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